Who We Help

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Reentry Program (RES) was first established in 2007 by Sheriff Lane Cribb to provide incarcerated men with job skills and life training that would improve their opportunities upon release from prison.  Elected Sheriff in 2020, Carter Weaver has continued the reentry program through support of Amazing Journey, and other community organizations.

Men who qualify for the RES program may participate in registered apprenticeships to earn certification in trades such as welding, HVAC and electrical service, construction, and plumbing.  Additional life skills education further prepares men for reintegration into their communities, and graduates are supported in securing employment, housing, and access to other necessities.

Prior to interruption by the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 200 men completed the RES program with only one being reincarcerated – a nearly 100% success rate!  After the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the program resumed in September 2022 with a renewed focus on prosocial development, educational attainment, and workforce readiness.