Reentry Services

About Us


Non-Profit Organization

· 501(c)(3)

· Volunteer citizen support group 

· Responsive to the Georgetown County Sheriff's   Reentry Services (RES) 

· 13 members include president, vice president, secretary, treasurer


Economic Benefit

· Fundraising & community education help maintain RES program & facilities

· RES graduates help fill acute shortages of qualified tradesmen in our area

· RES team members apply their skills to dozens of public services & building projects around the county saving the county over $300,000 annually


Zero Recidivism​

· Recidivism: the tendency of a convicted criminal to offend again

· Over 300 graduates with 0% recidivism

· 100% job placement

· RES graduates are all certified as journeymen by the State of SC and US Department of Labor

· Many interview and secure jobs before the end of their sentence